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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Break Time

I have decided that I need a break...a break from milking that is. I have been milking for 3 years straight...7 days a week...365 days a year. I have always had it so that I have somebody in milk year round so that I am not out of milk in the winter. However, this year...I am tired. So, this month I will stock up my milk in the freezer make some simple cheese to keep in the freezer and then dry the last two girls off. It will be nice to not have to head out to the barn on the cold mornings of winter to milk. I am sure the girls will appreciate the break also, even though they get more breaks than I do. It will also cut down on my feed bill for the winter and allow me to have some time to focus on other things that I would like to accomplish while the cold winds blow outside. It will be nice to just have to feed and clean the barns in the mornings now and since the goats will be on hay while they aren't producing then that will cut down on those chores. I just hope I get enough milk in the freezer to last until spring. It will probably mean that milk will be precious commodity and not used for much other than drinking. I am already up to a couple gallons frozen so we will see how it goes. I am certainly looking forward to my break! Blessings, Kat


Rick said...

Kat having done milking I can certainly appreciate your desire for a break. But coming from someone who lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan come on now. "The cold winter winds of Northern Florida" ? Lets get serious now on that aspect !

Have a great day.

Kat said...

Hey Rick. Yep, I admit you have it much harder than I do. My sister in Maine laughs at me all the time. But I am a little bit farther north than North Florida. I actually do get snow on occasion. Not nearly nor as often as ya'll do. Our winters tend to be in the 20s with rain, cold wet drizzling miserable rain. It rains all winter long, unless the rain turns to sleet or snow. And I haven't had a break at all in 3 years, so yeah I want one. I certainly don't envy your cold winter winds though! Have a good winter. Blessings, Kat

Mindi said...

Question:: When you freeze milk does it have a different taste or build after it thaws? I am new to this, and I am always learning! I never even knew you could freeze milk!

Kat said...

Hey Mindi, no it doesn't taste differently. However, sometimes I have had a problem when it separated. Most folks I have talked to said that if I put it straight in the freezer from the barn this isn't a problem. We will see. Sure, hope I don't have to buy milk since I can't even stand the smell of store bought milk anymore. Blessings, Kat