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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Heat Doldrums

It's official, I really am tired of summer (especially this summer). It has been so hot and so miserable (as many folks across the country can attest to). I do count my blessings....we have had rain, the garden has done well despite the heat, and I didn't lose any rabbits due to the heat extremes. However, here I sit at 6:25 in the evening and the heat index is 103 degrees. Who needs to go to the health club to sit in the steam room, just pull up a chair on the porch and steam away. It really is too hot for the children to get outside and spend much time. It really is so hot and humid that just a few mornings pushing past my normal come in time has me wiped out for an entire day. The other day it was cloudy and overcast with the temp hovering around 95 and not much of a heat index above that. I sat outside and commented on how nice it felt. My prayers really do go out to the folks in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and the other states are are slap burning up...literally. They are in much worse shape than we are. At least I am not having to give away my livestock because I can't feed them, or having to haul hay from other states to feed them. Most folks out there gave up on their gardens long ago and there are many that are now worried about wells drying up and not being able to water livestock. So, we do have our blessings here at Whisperwind. I am still tired of it though and don't think I will ever complain about winter again. I think we have been cooped up in the house more this summer than we ever have in the winter time. Now I know what cabin fever truly feels like to those up north. Ok, I guess I am done complaining. Time to get ready to melt and head out to feed the critters. Ya'll have a blessed night.

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