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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Collards, Collards, Everywhere.....Collards

I didn't think I planted that many collards, but I am swimming in collards. This could be a good thing, but then maybe not. I have to be really creative in how I use collards because my family really doesn't like them cooked the traditional southern way. I love them like that, but can only eat so many collards in a year. I have dehydrated some for use in breads and soups and now I am freezing some for use in casseroles. I of course have already canned a ton of them. I have sold some and given some away. Guess what, I still have more collards. The garden is really doing well this year and for the first time ever I have gotten green peas. I harvested some yesterday and used them in a pasta salad that I made. I was so excited. I don't know how long they will last, but the plants seem to be holding out in this heat and still blooming. So maybe I will get a few more before the plants kick the bucket. The pea plants will then be dried and used as winter feed for the rabbits. The pole beans are already over six feet tall. Let me tell you folks, bio-intensive gardening beats row gardening hands down. Truly I simply can't keep up with the things that need harvesting. Right now it is turnips, collards, kale, and peas. Of course, there is also tons of lettuce. Unfortunately though it looks like my broccoli is going to bolt with itty bitty heads, so doesn't look like I will get any of that unless these cool nights hold out a little longer. Well, time to get back to the kitchen to get this batch of collards in the dehydrator before I have to go to church. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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teekaroo said...

It sounds so funny to hear you talk about heat. We had snow again today.