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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bio-intensive gardening

These pics show why I will never row garden again. My garden is producing and producing, currently feeding 3 families with plenty to put up in our family and more to give away. Just cannot beat bio-intensive techniques. Take a look!

This is the early spring garden with salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, carrots, radishes, and two types of cabbage. We have harvested and harvested from here and still going.

Turnips, collards and kale. There was spinach on the far end but that has all been harvested except for the few plants going to seed. The yellow in the middle are the turnips going to seed after we have put up tons, given away tons and sold tons. The collards are still going strong.

These are just one of our blackeyed pea patches. These will not only supply human food, but livestock food for the winter.

One side of the big garden with tomatoes, okra, peas, bush beans, cucumbers, peppers, onions, sugar beets(growing under the other produce), radishes, and mesclun.

The other side of the big garden with pole beans, sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, squash, more squash, collards and turnips, kale and again sugar beets growing under things like the pole beans. Eggplant will be going in also along with another trellis for cantaloupe. The big corn patch is still a row garden and currently growing sunflowers (livestock feed) and pencil cob corn. I also have a patch of hulless oats for humans along the fence, a patch of wheat for livestock, and a patch of bahia for hay.

The brat pack. These are our new white pekin hens. They are awesome at bug control and Bubba and Earl are very happy to have some girls in the garden.

The view from the other end of the large garden.

Pole Beans and sugar snap peas on the end. The peas are about at the end of their time. The vines will be fed to the livestock.

The reason that you see the pathways of the garden areas left in "weeds" is that many of those weeds are harvested for rabbit food. So we leave the paths as they are which cuts down on the summer feed bill. Hope your gardens are coming along in whatever stage you are capable weather wise. Blessings, Kat


Kelle said...

Just beautiful Kat! We're persuing the same course, but this is really only our second season, so we're still building beds and changing our old ways.*smile* Thanks for sharing your pictures, it's very inspiring.

Blessings for your week,

teekaroo said...

I can't believe how far along everything is! Our salad stuff is just getting going. How wide are your beds?

Kat said...

Our beds are about 4 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. Blessings, Kat

teekaroo said...