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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Farm Update

Well, it has been an interesting time lately. Things are going strong in the garden, at least the digging is. I am actually on schedule and don't feel rushed. The salad greens are just about ready to harvest and I thinned out the broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. My peas are coming up, but don't seem to be coming up strong. I don't know, we will see. This is actually the first year that I got them in on time, so whatever I get will be a blessing. The weather has been bringing in some nasty storms, but at least those storms have brought the temps back into the normal range. Before the first storm we were pushing 80 February. Definitely not normal. Now we are sticking in the 50s/60s range. Much more normal for this time of year. I have most of the other beds done and will be planting sunflowers within the next week or so. The pastures are doing well this year. We will be adding some bahia in some places and adding some cowpeas for variety. I am looking for some lespedeza, but am unable to find anything less than 50lb bags and I simply don't need that much. I am also planting sunflowers in the pastures this year. We had another litter of bunnies this past week and they are finally doing good. The mother was a first timer and had them spread all over the place. She waited until the day after she had them to pull any fur. Meanwhile I had to build a nest and use some dryer lint to line it with. I used the fur once she pulled it. Then she didn't realize that she needed to feed the little critters. So I have been having to hold her so that the kits can nurse. She now seems to have the hang of it and the 5 surviving kits (we lost two that were really really small) look fat and happy. I really think this is just a case of first time mom confusion. Her mother was an awesome mom, but did the same kind of thing the first time she kindled. From then on out though she was a great mother. Goats are getting closer to kidding and several of the girls are looking rather pudgy. We have all feet trimmed and cleaned the winter crud out of the barn. Now the rain is making it a soaking mess. Oh, well...what can you do. Well that is about it for now. I will update as I can and hopefully have more interesting posts in the future. As I said earlier, for some reason we can't access google at home on our computer. It really is strange and seems to have all the techies stumped for the moment. Blessings and happy spring, Kat


Cameron said...

Hi Kat,
I left a comment a little while ago asking if you had anymore CSA shares left and you told me to ask to be on the list of people who'd like to have any extras you may have. I'd definitely like to be on that list. And if there's a way to be on a list to be able to sign up for a CSA share for next summer (2012), I would love to be on that list as well. My name is Cameron Lawracy and my email is Thank you very much!

Kelle said...

Good Morning Kat,
I'm seriously trying to catch up on reading everyones blogs, I'm so.... behind!
It's been well into the high 50's and even a few low 60'sF Today is rainy and gloomy, but I'm not complaining, it far better than snow and bitter cold*wink* Yes, it muddy here and getting sloppier as the ground thaws and the moisture wicks up, but again still better than bitter cold and snow.
I advertised 1 full share and two 1/2 shares this year and as of yesterday we've "Sold Out" PTL! I'm so excited, now to get everything in and growing, praying there are no severe weather issues.
Thanks for the update, I love seeing what everyone else is up to*wink*
Blessings for the remainder of your week, may it be filled with productivity as well,