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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Wow, what nasty weather. So my day has started just a little differently than normal. Usually about right now I would getting ready to head out to the barn and milk and feed. We are having a good downpour of sleet at the moment and I have no interest in going out in it. Apparently the critters are interested in getting up and moving around much either. I have been up since 4 am and not a single crow from either rooster. Normally, the goats start moving around the barn about daylight and then start calling me shortly after. I looked out the sliding glass door and could just see a pile of goats huddled in their stall in the little barn. They are showing no interest in getting up. Normally, the horses are near the fence on the other side of the house. I looked out the windows and not a sign of horses anywhere, they too are huddled in the barn. So, my day is starting off a little different than it normally would. I have already done most of my household chores for the day. I even have some extras as I got wholesale cuts of Boston butts, beef knuckles and rib eyes on sale yesterday. So I have all that meat to cut and put up (the rib eyes are whole ribeyes). I will can the beef knuckles, and one of the butts. And since I will be getting out all my canning stuff, I might as well take one of the turkeys out of the freezer to can also. That is something that I have been putting off. I have also got some cheddar on the stove already cheddaring. As so as I have that in the mold, I suppose I will head outside to face the nastiness. This sleet is supposed to clear out by this afternoon so maybe I can get to finish the electric fence around the goat pasture. I am almost done with it and would really like to get it on before they start tearing up the woven wire fence again. Between the goats climbing on it and the neighbor shoving trees through and down on it, it has taken a real beating. I cut more posts, my husband and I set them and then painstakingly took the whole fence down and straightened it. That is not something I wish to repeat. All the insulators are up, now we just have to run the wire, set the grounds, and hook it up. I am hoping that I can get out there to get that done today as I really need to get back in the garden. I am already running behind schedule there. I should already have the beets planted along with the sweet peas and I have more wattle fence to finish. Well, I guess I can't complain about the weather too much down here. You folks up in the north and midwest have really been having it rough. We are at 32 degrees this morning, but you folks are in the negatives. Too cold for me and by the looks of it too cold for my goats too! Well, off to turn the cheddar and pull out the canner and jars. Blessings for the day, Kat

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Kelly said...

We didn't get any of the precipitation, but we sure have cold temps for our area too! Our goats didn't seem to mind-the Nubian/Boers have thick coats. The babies born last week have a place under our old cow feeder they've chosen to use for sleeping. The feeder box is made from fiberglass, so I think it's warmer than other materials. Their mom's cousin slept in front of the box. I don't think anyone else even took cover, even though we had a low of 4 degrees!