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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Virus Alert

There is a computer virus out there that is particularly nasty. Still not really sure that I have completely gotten it off my computer or if it is trying to hit it again. Apparently it occurs as a popup that looks like your regular security saying that your computer has been hit and click on the button to remove. It looks like a windows security alert popup. When you click on the remove virus button, you are done for. It has taken me several days to clean my computer and like I said I am not really sure that it is back to normal. The cleaner program says it is clean but I am still getting problems with trying to be re-routed to advertising sites rather than where I am supposed to be going and with this security alert popping up. I have Mcafee antivirus and it walked right past it. So I am going to get a different AV protection. Just thought I would let everyone out there know so you can be on the look-out. A friend of mine was also hit by this virus and she says that she doesn't think that it completely is gone either even though two computer guys have said that her computer is fine. So watch out folks. I have made some progress on Christmas presents and sewing despite my computer problems so will update with posts on those later. Blessings for this morning, Kat


Sarah said...

Hi Kat,
There is a free virus scanner (as long as its for a personal computer) called Avast. It works much better than any other that I have tried (and its FREE :)

I wish you success in ridding yourself of that computer virus, they can be very tough to deal with.


Kelly said...

Sounds more like spyware than a virus. Do you have system restore? If you're using Windows ME or later, you do, and you can choose to restore to a date prior to clicking that button and it will set you back to that time. I think you can find it under Control Panel, but it'll be different depending on what version of Windows you're running. Let me know if you need help with this.

Kat said...

Thanks ladies. The "whatever it was" basically took control of my computer, locking up systems and taking control of my mouse and keyboard. Once the scrubber was able to free up some of this then I was able to use the system restore. Still having some small issues, but everything is coming back clean. I have a new AV program (ditched mcafee)and it is doing a good job of blocking and cleaning stuff. Anyway, like I said I am still having some issues, but both the AV and scrubber are coming in clean. My friend is having the same problems even though everything on hers is coming back clean and two computer guys can't find anything wrong. Don't know what this thing did to my computer, but it was ugly. Thanks for the help and any other suggestions would be great. Kat

Kat said...

Oh, and if either of you knows why I can no longer watch videos online please let me know. Everyone (even the ones on my blog) come up as error try again later. I can watch them if I go directly to youtube, but if they are embedded in a website I can't watch them. This is aggravating. Kat

Kelly said...

This is just a guess, but the embedded link probably was corrupted with the spyware. Try replacing the embedded code and see if that helps.

Kat said...

Thanks Kelly. Kat