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Friday, November 5, 2010

Chicken and Dog Routine

Well, since we have had issues with Dakota and our young pullets we decided that it would be best to come up with a routine in which dog and pullets did not interact until they were bigger. The dog stays out all night on guard duty and of course the little pullets and their adoptive mama are in the chicken coop. In the mornings we have the milking and feeding chores, then the goats head out to the big pasture. Dakota stays close by where she can keep and eye on them and on the house. So about noon, everybody gets their lunch and the goats come into their pasture closer to the house. Dakota comes inside the house and the little pullets and Mama get to go outside. So far this routine is working quite well. Evening chores work out well and Dakota comes along even to put the little ones back in the coop. As long as I am right there with her then she won't bother the little pullets, but let me turn my back or be somewhere else on the farm and she is mischievous. I think all will be well once they get bigger since she doesn't mess with the rest of the flock and they are out all day long together. I have even seen her laying in the yard with big chickens pecking and scratching all around her. Don't know what it is about the little pullets, but I sure will be glad when they have reached maturity in a few months. Until that time we will just have to play musical critters. Other than this one issue she is still showing to be a great dog with great instincts. Blessings, Kat

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