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Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Sweat Roast Chevon(Goat)

This is probably the easiest recipe I have for a nice tender and flavorful chevon hind roast. I usually let my hind roast sit in the fridge for a couple of days prior to cooking. I know that they say you don't have to age chevon, but I have done it both ways and this does seem to make a difference in the tenderness of the meat. I just keep it in a large ziploc bag and let it sit. Now for the roast:

1 hind roast of chevon
6 slices of bacon
Favorite seasoning blend
olive oil

Right before you go to bed at night place the roast in a roasting pan. Lightly coat roast with olive oil and then liberally cover with seasoning blend. Place the bacon across the top of the roast. Place some water in the bottom of the pan (about an inch), then cover with foil or a lid. Place in a 200 degree oven and leave overnight. In the morning you will have a wonderful roast that is tender and moist.

This is one of my favorites to do for Sunday dinner. I can put some new potatoes, carrots, and such in the crockpot with some seasonings and then Sunday dinner is all ready when we get home from church. Simply, no sweat and an easy to clean kitchen so that I can take my Sunday after dinner nap! Blessings, Kat

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Kelly said...

You take a Sunday after dinner nap too? I'm lost the rest of the week without mine!