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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Fair Week!

Well, here it is that time of year...Fair time. This is the first year that my oldest daughter and I are really heavily participating. We already have plans to do more next year. We missed the day of the home baking contests because we were out of town for a friend's birthday. It was a little disappointing to miss those, but there is always next year. My daughter entered the youth photography competition and won first place in the landscape division. Can you tell I am soooo proud of her. She has really been working hard this year on developing her photography skills. It is nice for her to see the payoff other than just Mama saying it is great. Anyway, tonight we have the Fleischmann's Yeast bread baking competition. There are two categories and both of us are entering both categories. Sure would be nice to win that 125.00 first place prize, but what is even nicer is that this is something that she and I can do together with a little friendly competition. Tomorrow is Pie Day at the Fair, then we have Taste of Mexico, Appetizers and Finger food, Casseroles, and finally on Sunday evening the Best Cake competition. My daughter makes one of the best Coconut Cakes I have ever tasted and that is what she is entering on cake day, then I am entering my famous fudge cake. Next year I plan on doing more of the sewing contests and will probably do some of the embroidery work this winter to have ready. As you can see we are pretty busy with the fair so there isn't much in the way of school going on this week. That is ok. It is the reason that we educate all year so that when we want to take time away then we can. Our 4-H group entered the scarecrow contest, but it didn't win. They worked really hard and were a little disappointed, but they had so much fun building and decorating their scarecrow that the disappointment didn't last long. Anyway, it is a fun week and even though it is busy and does require some work, it is a good time to take a break from the monotony of day to day life on the farm. Blessings, Kat


Kelle said...

Congrats to your Dd on her 1st place in landscape photography! Saying a prayer for you and crossing our fingers for you in the remaining contests. This sounds like such fun, maybe now that we are done homeschooling I'll have more time to consider entering stuff in our county fair as well as the big city fair.:o)

Enjoy your time and good luck to you both!

Kelly said...

Great job, Kat's daughter! I hope you both do well with the rest of your entries. I got hungry just reading the categories you're entering! Looking forward to hearing all about it afterwards.