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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow, I have been so busy!

Things have been hopping around here! The garden is taking up so much time with all of the weeds growing like mad and the bugs trying to conquer civilization. Then with spring kidding out of the way I now have 3 goats in milk. That is a gallon and a half a day of milk that has to have something done with it. So, I have been making cheese like crazy. I will do a cheese post to let you know how far I have come in the cheesemaking process in such a short period of time. Of course, there is also the rest of the harvest that we are canning and freezing also. Last week was peach week and I processed 40 lbs of peaches. It took me three days to get them all put up. I have a few left that are just right for peach cobbler tomorrow. Out of 40 lbs. of peach I put up 30 quarts of peaches, 16 pints of peach jelly, 8 pints of peach syrup, and 1 gallon of peach juice. Now the figs are starting to come in and I processed my first 5 pints of fig preserves of the year. This year the trees are absolutely loaded so I might be sick of figs in another couple of weeks. I have been going through my clothes and getting rid of things that I can no longer wear, is not worth wearing, and won't wear. I re-purpose as much as I can. Like stained shirts become family cloth or cleaning cloths. Things in good condition but doesn't fit goes to charity. Then there are my jeans.....I don't wear jeans anymore. However, I figured they still had a purpose and many were not fit to go to charity. I have been holding onto these jeans (taking up 2 dresser drawers) for years thinking I would find something to do with them. Well I did. I am turning them into skirts. On some I have cut off the legs just leaving the waist. Then I sewed fabric that I had gathered onto the yoke that was left. I really cute skirt with an easy fit jean waist. Then some other I took the legs apart and cut them off. The I sewed a triangle strip of fabric in between each of the leg fabric pieces. I then hemmed it and they make really cute skirts too. So now I have a closet of new clothes which cost me pennies if that. Some of the fabric for the skirts came from the scrap bag and some came from other clothes that I cut up and repurposed. Fun project to work on. Then there is the business with my neighbor. Basically, she is being a horses behind and it looks like we might wind up in court. Anyway, I will do a post explaining the whole mess. Blessings for the night, more tomorrow I hope!


Kelle said...

I'm taking a break so decided to check in on your blog.

Sounds like you are a whirlwind, we've only canned some rhubarb sauce and took last seasons leftove garlic and added it to olive oil. We did however pick cherries( enough for a pie with some leftover for jam making) and have been enjoying fresh salad items.

What is up with people? Even my own family( Dad and Mom and our Ds are giving us fits) Everyone is so angry and looking to find blame on someone elses doorstep. To be quite truthful I'm really sick of it, truly sick due to stress.
Adding you and the horses behind situation to our prayer journal*wink*

RL said...

My wife is canning peaches right at this moment. We live way up north but, peaches are trucked from Georgia to a nearby town where we buy two or three boxes evey year. I love to eat them during our long cold winters.

Kat said...

Kelle, yes we are in a whirlwind. Summer here is always like that. It passes by like a tornado and then it is fall. I canned my first tomatoes of the year today and am doing baked beans tomorrow and potatoes the next day. All I can say is thank the good Lord above for providing all that we need and some to share with neighbors and family. And yes, I agree the world has gotten very angry and bitter. There is no such thing as a neighbor anymore as it seems everyone is out for themselves and trying to see what they can take from someone else, whether it be legally or not. I guess that is why I leave the farm as little as possible. Thank you for the prayers, we definitely need them. Blessings to you and yours and hope your summer is going well!

Kat said...

RL, glad you can enjoy some our southern peaches. We are happy to share. My kids love peaches and eat them year round like they were candy. My sister lives way up north too and I send her some every year trying to entice her to move back home! I doesn't work, but at least I try. Glad to have you here and happy canning. Blessings, Kat

Maria Mcclain said...

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