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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What I have been up to lately

Well, spring and summer are in full swing. The goats are kidding, I have tons of milk to do something with and the garden needs constant attention. I am rebuilding my compost piles since I used every single bit in the garden and the goat pasture. I vow to build them bigger this year! To help with that vow, I am collecting grass clippings from town each week. This week I gathered 4 large bags (all I could fit into my car). Add the grass, leaves, barn cleanings, garden scraps and weeds and they are growing quite well. The garden is doing as well as can be expected. It has been a really dry spring so things are growing slowly. Last year we had plenty of spring rain and it seemed as if the seedlings were popping up as soon as they were put in the ground almost. This year, I plant and water for days. Then just when I am thinking that those seeds were not very good ones and I need to replant...shy little plants start to make their way out of the soil. So things are slow, but so far everything is looking good. Despite the heat our romaine and red leaf lettuce are doing great. No sign of the heat starting to bother them at all. The swiss chard is doing well also. With those three things we are having some delicious salads. I think I am going to use some swiss chard in the manicotti for dinner(lunch) today since my spinach burned up before it even did anything. Kind of a mock manicotti florentine. Speaking of manicotti...Since we have an abundance of milk these days I have started making cheese. My first cheese was ricotta and then I made buttermilk cheese. I am going to start making hard cheeses soon. Soooooo, our little goat herd is definitely earning their keep. We get milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt, meat and now cheese from them. It sure does cost less to feed the whole herd of goats than to buy those things in the amounts that we use them. I will get to posting some of the cheese recipes and other dairy recipes that we have found that we liked. Well, I suppose I had better get to work around here. With the days getting hotter, my mornings start earlier so that I don't have to do much in the heat of the day. We still have not turned on our AC this year and are still planning to try and hold off until July 1. We will see how the weather goes. Blessings from the farm, Kat


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing a glimse of your wonderful life.

Have a wonderful day.

Kelly said...

Funny you should mention cheese today. My firdt order of starter cultures arrived in the mail this morning, so I have a gallon of goats milk warming to add the chevre culture to, and a qt warming for buttermilk! We're only milking two of our 4 (well 3 really, the 4th hasn't freshened yet) and getting nearly a gallon of milk each day. I can't keep up with it all, but these cultures should help a LOT!

BTW-I'm taking a break to finally eat breakfast, which I just realized except for the butter on my toast is all homemade or locally grown. Fresh ham from the half hog we bought from a local farmer, toast from bread I made myself, and homemade peach jam on that. We'll be trying butter soon. I did read that it can be churned from whole milk if cream is hard to come by.

Kat said...

Amy, you are very welcome! And thank you for reading and commenting. Blessings, Kat

Kat said...

Kelly, congrats on the cultures. I know what you mean by being overwhelmed with milk. I had put a ton in the freezer and still couldn't keep up with what we are getting daily. I still have 3 does to freshen within the month and then I will have 2 freshening this fall. So I will be swimming in milk. I have a small refrigerator that I will set to temp to be my cheese cooler. I know what you mean by the great feeling of eating what you produce. Yesterday we had manicotti florentine, salad, and garlic bread. I made the cheese, the sauce( all from my garden), the salad I grew all the ingredients, the dressing was made with my milk and my sour cream (seasonings from the store), and I baked the bread and made the butter that went on the bread. It was a good feeling, but a lot of hard work. I will be posting some recipes that I have found and really liked so keep and eye out. Blessings from the farm, Kat

Anonymous said...

Would you share with me how you make butter with your goat milk? I have read on line that you can't make butter from goat milk with out special equipment. I would love that info. Thanks - Cindy Lau