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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on Farm happenings

Wow, seems like this month is flying by. There seems to be so much to do and so little time. The weather is also horrendous. We are about 13 degrees above average in temperatures. It really makes me wonder how badly we are going to suffer this summer. The bugs are out in full force...much to early. Cool weather crops are suffering tremendously in this heat. The critters are doing fine. The hens are laying in full force these days and I have given quite a few dozen eggs away to family and friends. I am going to start advertising eggs and get them sold. We simply cannot use them all. I think I will be making an egg custard pie today and potato salad for supper tonight. Boiled eggs are the staple snack food around here. I am working on getting back to my summer routine of getting outside chores done earlier in the morning. It is a little difficult to get motivated to do such hard work so early in the morning. During the winter my mornings are a little slower paced and done still in my pjs. Kidding season started with a bang yesterday as we had triplets delivered...two boys, 1 girl. All are doing well and cute as little buttons. Mama is doing just fine and taking good care of those babies. The rest of the herd is very curious about the new additions. Mama and babies will stay to themselves today and possibly get out with the herd tomorrow. I will let mama out some to have some peace and graze by herself today. The ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds. They are still in the house at night, but not for much longer. They can see over the sides of their wagon. During the day they spend the day in the chicken coop with some time in their little "pool" for swimming. The rabbits are bred again and this will probably be the last litter for both does before summer. That will give us a good amount of rabbit in the freezer to get through the summer. They are enjoying their breezeway in the goat barn and I am really glad we moved them there as they will get more fresh air moving through this summer. This are going much better with my oldest. We have smoothed out quite a few issues and are more back to normal. We are still working on spring cleaning around the farm. We have already started on next winter's wood supply. It will be nice to get it all put up, if we can, before the heat of summer really gets here. Like I said it is unusually hot around here and we are fearing for a terribly hot summer. The farmer's almanac was right on with the winter forecast for us, but it has been dead wrong about spring. We will see how it goes for summer. They say we will be below normal for isn't looking like it so far. We are gearing up for canning season, by starting out with jellies. The berries will be coming in soon and that is always our start for the year. Looking forward to that strawberry jam and strawberry preserves. We don't need much jelly this year as we still have quite a bit left from last year. Some jelly we don't like so I will dump those, like the watermelon jelly. It really doesn't taste all that great and I only made a few jars thank goodness. We still have a lot of pickles from last year so will be eating quite a few pickles to try and move them out since it won't be long before cucumbers are coming in. And yes, I still have sewing that didn't get finished this past winter so I still need to get on that. So much to do and so little time in the day. Well, that is about it for now. Have a blessed day and hope your spring is a productive one.

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