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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Re-Use for Oxford type shirts

I had several nice cotton oxford type shirts that had gotten some stains on the sleeves and such plus they were too big for me now. However, they were really cute shirts with cute designs on the front and I hated to get rid of them. So I re-purposed them. I made dresses for my 3 year old out of them. I cut off the sleeves and used those for handkerchiefs (do stains really matter when blowing your nose?). Then I cut the bottom off just shy of the last button. I then folded the shirt in half and cut a new sleeve and side panel in an A frame to fit. I then took the collar and folded in farther than the normal collar and cut straight up the middle in the back. By dong this it made a Peter Pan shaped collar on the dress that when tacked down stayed in place. Some rick-rack edging on the collar hide the cut in the back. The just hem and sew all the seems and you have a cute little A-line dress for a toddler or little one. I wish I could take pics to show you but since the camera is dead, hopefully you can visualize. Happy sewing, Kat


Kelly said...

Sounds cute-too bad about the camera!

Kelle said...

Do you have a way to share pictures? I don't sew but it sure sounds cute. We repuirpose old socks for dust rags as well as rags for washing udders, wiping up spills, greasy rags, etc.... All of our nice fabric shirts and jeans are cut up for patching( jeans material for jeans) and future quilts, like my grandma made, not the fancy perfectly matched ones we have today.

Amy said...

What a great re-use!!

Have a wonderful day.