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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Scoop on Tangerines

I was born in Florida and although I did not reside there in my youth my grandparents had a home there that they spent the summer. Yes, I know this is opposite of what most people do. My parents were divorced and my dad lived in the home all year. I have a loyalty to Florida citrus farmers for this reason I guess. I won't buy California citrus products, sorry California. So I patiently wait until about this time of year when the Florida citrus starts coming in. I am getting to the tangerines, just in my roundabout kind of way. My kids love mandarin oranges, but they are quite costly for those tiny little cans. However, do you know something? Guess what tangerines are? That is right.....tangerines are mandarin oranges, but they are called "tangerines" because that is the type of mandarin orange they are. So, instead of buying mandarin oranges in the can at such a costly price. Especially when my kids can eat 1 to 2 cans per day each. I can my own tangerines when they start coming in. It is really easy to can up a bunch of pint or in our case quart jars and then you have them for the year until the next fall. We do the same with oranges and grapefruit, which I can together because for some odd reason the grapefruit preserves the fresh taste of the orange. I know strange, but I don't question it...I just know it works. So if your family is like mine then consider getting some of those wonderful Florida tangerines (ok, if you have no choice California will work) and canning them up so that your family can enjoy them at low cost all year round.

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