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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall on the Homestead

This past year I started posting about projects and chores that we do around here that are seasonal. Homesteads usually run with the seasons and certain things seem easier at certain times of the year. So now, it is time for fall chores even though it still feels like summer outside. Here is the fall chore list for Whisper Wind along with what has been accomplished so far.

1. Split and stack the wood that was cut this summer. We really lucked out this year. Even though we had plenty of wood for this winter to cut because of a very large oak tree that had come down in a storm last year and we were still cutting from it, some friends down the road decided to remove a few smaller oaks from their yard. We took our chainsaw down there and help cut them down, cut them up, and burn off the smaller limbs. In exchange for doing this all that wood came home with us as they don't use their fireplace. We have wood now for 2 winters, but it still needs to be split and stacked.

2. The fall garden is in. It took me two weeks to get in the fall garden, but most things are looking pretty good and we will at least get a decent squash harvest (pumpkin, butternut, sphaghetti). So right now it is just a matter of maintaining the garden and fighting the grasshoppers and caterpillars.

3. Gather projects and materials for the winter and those "oh too cold and rainy days". Still working on this, sewing projects and materials are all done. Craft projects are in the works.

4. Check and repair the fence lines and remove any dead wood that could cause a problem. Fence lines are done and wood is currently being done.

5. Get in winter feed. With the rain the past couple of weeks we have not been able to get hay in other than what has already been put up to feed the bunnies. We will get in enough for the goats and horses soon. We don't have to put up much because of the nextitem on the list.

6. Overseed pastures for the winter and fertilize. This has been done.

7. Make any barn repairs and make sure they are wind proof for the animals.

8. Build 3 passive solar heaters to offset heating costs. We have gathered most of the materials and now just need to get them put together.

9. Get the horse blankets ready and make any repairs that need to be done. This has been finished and even my stallion's blanket was in pretty good shape. He is really hard on blankets and usually goes through them pretty regularly.

10. Make sure all the insulation is still on outside water lines. This has been done.

11. Make sure all butchering knives are sharpened. This has been done.

12. Get out all winter bedding and wash. We still have a little more time before we need this.

13. Get the wheat planted. We are running a little behind on this. I had hoped to have this finished, but I don't.

14. Turn the compost pile and start fresh pile. Done

15. Re-bed the chicken coop and make any repairs that need to be made. Done and the old bedding started the new compost pile.

16. Gather and process acorns for the critters and the family. Working on it.

17. Gather pecans and get them put up. Working on it.

18. Build greenhouse enclosure for the front porch for winter growing and passive solar heat. Started gathering materials.

19. Build a chicken run to make things easier on me this winter. Working on it.

20. Check inventories and replace anything that needs replacing such as batteries, candles, charcoal, food supplies, etc.

21. Have maintenance done on all vehicles.

22. Do any caulking around house to keep out those chilly winter winds.

The two toughest and busiest seasons around here are fall and spring. The weather is nicest then and makes it much nicer working on large outdoor projects. Winters are cold and rainy and summers are hot and steamy. Nobody wants to spend much time outside during those conditions. However, around here with my husband being injured and my mother needing so much help, I haven't slowed down one notch since last winter. I am looking forward to a little rest and a few slower activities such as sewing. Right now I am just trying to get everything to where it will run most efficiently while it is cold outside. I keep thinking of the ant and the grasshopper and now I know how the ant is feeling! God bless and have a great day.

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