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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watch Your Livestock

When the economy gets tough and folks are out of work they become desperate and all sorts of things happen. I have been receiving reports from other homesteaders across the country losing animals like rabbits and chickens on a pretty regular basis in the past couple of months. Now I find this news report from Florida about horse owners finding their animals slaughtered and the meat stolen. Apparently, they are selling the meat on the black market. And yes folks, horse meat is high dollar meat. A few years ago I know it was running around 12.00 a pound. Here is the news report (it does have some graphic photos)

So it might be time for folks to start thinking about locking up their stock at night. I am thinking that might be a real good idea. If you do lock your barn please make sure that you keep the key in a handy place close to the door of your house. Don't leave it laying around where you might have to hunt for it in case of emergency. There is absolutely nothing worse than watching animals burn to death in a barn fire. I know, I have seen it and it is a memory that I will never forget and never get over. So use good judgement and take precautions. God bless.

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