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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Fabulous Fig Tree

I just have to tell you the story of our fig tree as it is amazing. When we moved onto our property 7 years ago a very large and old oak tree had been struck by lightning. Half of that oak tree took out the small barn and the other half of that oak tree split the fig tree completely in half all the way to the ground. We figured since there already appeared to be decay at the base of one of the halves of the fig tree that we would lose that half of the tree. The other half appeared to be in good shape, but we didn't hold our breath because the tree had suffered major trauma. We were very surprised when that year the fig tree produced two bumper crops, one early in the summer and one just before fall. It did the same thing for the next several years. We had so many figs off of that tree that we could not use them all. We had several gallons to give away and also sold about 30 gallons. Last winter the half of the tree that had received the most damage finally collapsed onto the ground, completely rotted and broken at the base. We thought that the half had finally given up the ghost and were preparing to cut it up and dispose of the dead wood. As I looked more closely guess what I noticed? Leaf buds. Brand spanking new leaf buds growing on limbs that for all intents and purposes should have been completely dead. Only the hand of God could be making that tree leaf out. Not only did that dead looking half of the tree leaf out, it is producing figs! Lots of figs! We again will have two bumper crops of figs this year thanks to the good Lord above. I have already given several quarts away and we have eaten figs every morning with our breakfast for the past week. I have 6 lbs. dehydrating now and will pick more to dehydrate this evening. It is only by the grace of God that we are able to enjoy this fruit, because that tree should be dead. It isn't, and not only that it is flourishing. I highly recommend fig trees to any homesteader that can possibly grow one. They are tough, don't appear to be bothered by disease. I say this because the peach trees which are very close to the fig developed a fungus that we could not get rid of and died. The fig tree never slowed down production nor drop a leaf. Figs are a power packed little fruit providing loads of fiber, a healthy dose of B6, and loads of potassium. They are sweet and delicious and can go with just about anything. This fruit and the tree that it grows on is well worth considering for the homestead. Enjoy!


Tammi said...

Interesting. I have never saw a fig tree nor tasted a fig.

I have an award for you on my blog.

Jeannetta said...

Wonderful! I know they like being treated roughly, my book says to cut the roots back, and basically make it struggle. I do believe the Lord uses figs to teach us lessons.
I have two on the property we're buying, they are no more than bushy shrubs right now. I may go whack them up a bit, and see if we can reproduce your results :)
What do you eat them with, and how do you fix them etc.? All I've ever known is fig newton cookies which I love :)

Kat said...

Figs are wonderful. I will post some recipes that I use for using the figs. My toddlers favorite way of eating them is fresh off the tree. We eat them every morning while they are ripening. I will try to get those recipes up within the next day or so. Blessings. Kat