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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Starting a New Farm Project Today

Well, it is that time to separate our little baby bucks from our girls. I plan on milking our nannies and I don't want my milk tasting like a buck in rut. Our boys are showing signs that they know fall will be coming soon and they will be 6 months old soon also. Billy our little black and white buck is also the twin of our little doe, Lilly. We don't want any extreme love between the twins. So we worked on the new fence to the buck pasture and I will start working on the shelter for the boys. It will be a simple shelter to keep them out of the rain and out of the wind. Since this pasture is farther away from the house, we are enclosing a large area in the big barn closer to the house for night time safety. Lots of work, hard physical work, but that is what this life is about. Homesteading is physically demanding, but I will tell you that after a hard days work, you will sleep so well and so soundly! Of course, I think getting up at 3:45 in the morning helps with sleeping well also. Anyway, time to get to work preparing to move the boys. I have been worried that Lilly would be stressed separated from her brother, but she seems to be separating herself out naturally and hanging with the big girls more and more. Coffee has still not kidded, either she didn't read the book or I am not very good at checking tail ligaments yet. I would bet on the second scenario. She is getting close, but we aren't there just yet. Everything seems to be moving into place and I think her attitude last week was due to the baby/babies dropping down. Her belly hangs a lot lower these days. Well, that is about it for now. The garden is doing well and we have harvested some bush squash and some turnips, which were delicious. I am anxious to harvest more and will try to get pictures of my garden this week. My corn is especially beautiful and well worth all the frustration trying to get it planted and keep the critters out of it while it was young. I think I will have a good harvest even though I got started later than I wanted. Now if I can just keep those chickens out of the garden!

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