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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some More Photos from the Farm

I thought that since Petunia did such a wonderful job taking photos from around the farm last week (once the rain stopped) that I would post a few more. It will take her a little time getting used to blogging, she is a little shy. And for clarification she did not come up with the honeysuckle juice thing on her own. My aunt taught her that. Apparently that is something that all kids used to do. Petunia does know better than to randomly sample the juices of plants growing on the farm. However, she did teach me something new, I did not know that you could suck the juice of the honeysuckle flower and it is indeed sweet. Hmmmmmm.....wonder if you could make some type of sweetener from it like the bees do?! Well, enjoy the photos.

This is part of our garden. Looks different this week with more things growing after the rain.

The magnolia tree in the front yard is blooming and smells absolutely heavenly!

This is the tilapia pond in the center of our garden area. We also use the pond water to help water the garden. This was the first swimming pool built in our county in the 1920s. It was turned into a fish pond in the 1980s. Although, it needs quite a bit of repair, the fish like it well enough.

This is Whisper our last filly born here at the farm. We stopped breeding horses several years ago when the horse market started to crash and I was not riding and showing as often. She is the typical flighty thoroughbred, but has a really sweet personality. We have thought about re-training her to drive. Hmmmm....might not be a bad idea if gas prices start rising again.

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