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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summertime Sewing

Summertime is pretty laid back around here as the heat index climbs we all slow down including the animals. The horses spend midday huddled in the barn trying to escape the blaring sun and we spend our midday huddled in the aircondition or playing in the water, any water. We often go to the pool and swim, then come home and play in the sprinkler or water stuff here. So there really is more of a need for play clothes and not really nice clothes. This makes sewing easier and cheaper. Summertime playwear is when I pull out my scrap fabric and my old stuff that I saved like old sheets. Play clothes for the summer don't have to be fancy or complicated. For my girls they consist of simple sundresses made from old sheets. They are cool and it doesn't matter how dirty or stained they get playing around the farm because they are worn for that purpose. This allows us to save those nicer outfits for going into town, church, and visiting. So consider saving some money this summer and making play clothes for your children to play around the farm and in their own homemade mud puddles out of old sheets and other bits of fabric that you have hanging around. Save the nicer fabric for those few outfits needed to go to town.

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