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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain Again!

These past few weeks with these huge rainstorms are tough. It means projects are on hold and not getting finished. However, considering the very dry summers we have had the past few years, I am truly thankful for the rain. I kinda wish it would rain at night and clear up in the morning. That would also give the rain some time to soak into the ground. Today is day 2 of the four days of rain we are supposed to get which will leave things pretty sloppy around here once again. Hopefully, after last week's downpour we got the problem with the chicken coop flooding taken care of. It has been raining pretty hard all night so I will see this morning when I go to feed. Last week so much rain was falling that the rain was running underneath the back wall and the poor chickens were flooded. They were not happy to say the least until we added a thick layer of spanish moss, which kept the floor from being sloppy wet and gave them something dry to walk on. So I gues with the rain we will be doing inside projects. I do need to spend some extra time cleaning and tidying up the studio. Although I try to spend a little time in there each week, it quite disorganized. I guess that comes with having a 10 year old who go in there rummaging for craft supplies and isn't real good about putting things back in the excitement of finding what she wants. I am also getting back into the mood to paint, so I want to get my paint supplies tidied up and cleaned up so that I can do some paintings this summer of the farm and the children. Summer is a slow time around here for projects because of the extreme heat, so it gives us time for more leisurely pursuits. Since the downturn in the economy, art is not selling very much except for the occasional commission so painting is indeed a leisurely pursuit rather than making a living. Our feed room also needs some serious organization since it is getting to be time to get in hay for next winter. Since we don't grown our own hay just yet we buy it from local farmers who do. The cost of hay has increased tremendously and whereas 10 years ago we would get all of our hay in for the winter in one big haul, we now space it out as money allows over the whole spring, summer, and fall. We still spend the same amount, unless of course hay increases in price again during the course of the season, much it is much easier to swallow in small amounts. We are planting a small plot of hay this year, so will be harvesting a few bales of our own. Since this is a new endeavor and one that we know very little about, we are starting small until we learn the ropes. Until then our neighbors are more than happy to sell us their excess hay. In the future when we have an excess of vegetables and meat we might look to bartering for our hay needs, but for right now cash is king in the hay business. So anyway those are my thinkings and musings for this morning. As the sun is coming up, the rain is flowing like a faucet open all the way and the lakes and rivers are flowing in all different directions. This is good for our watershed though so no complaints here.

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