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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Chicken Adventure Part 2

Well, this weekend we went back to the auction where we bought chickens and then had them stolen before we could load them up. The auction owner had been busy over the past week. The back loading dock was now fenced in and there was only one gate in to get to the livestock. There were two people posted throughout the entire auction watching the livestock and checking paid tickets before livestock was loaded. We bought some chickens and some guineas and came home with all of them. I was pleased. my new hens are already laying and very happy in their new home. This past weekend was the auction for guineas, there were more guineas than chickens. So guess what, I bought some guineas. I have always wanted some guineas because they are voracious bug eaters. However, they are tricky little birds and so very unlike chickens. Guineas have retained much of their wild nature and while there are many guinea owners whose guineas are well trained to go back into the coop at night this is easier said than done. So we are keeping the birds locked up for a few days so that they learn where the food is (in the coop). Hopefully this will work and the guineas will stick around. Just another experiment around Whisper Wind.

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