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Friday, March 20, 2009

Coffee and Tea are Here

Well,last night was an exciting night. I happened to find two nubian does for sale right within our budget. So my husband and I jumped in the station and went to take a look. They are beautiful girls each a year old. They definietely need some handling but have been well cared for. We named them Coffee and Tea on the way home. Goating wrangling is rough stuff. It has been a long time since I have been around goats and forgotten how heavy and strong they are. Even though Coffee and Tea are lythe and sleek, not having finished filling out, they feel like boulders when trying to wrangle them out of the car. Like I said they have been well cared for, but not handled on a regular basis. On top of that they didn't know who we were or where they were. They may have possibly been bred having been exposed to a Billy, so we will see. It was funny on the way home we couldn't figure out what one car behind us was doing. They were acting kind of crazy and pulling up reall close and then moving over and pulling up beside us. It was then that we realized they were taking pictures of the goats in the back of the station wagon. I guess it was a funny sight and definitely not something you see everyday. They went into the stall next to our horse Whisper and she is totally flipped out by them. She flips out easily and has suffered so much trauma this week with the renegade guinea trying to share her barn. She is not liking life right now, too much going on for her delicate Throughbred brain to process. Well, she will adjust. Our girls are beautiful and if they have been bred then we will be getting milk relatively soon. What a wild night we had last night getting them into the barn. My poor husband has decided that he lives with a crazy woman, and I would probably have to agree that he does.

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