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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Time do You Start Your Day?

I hear from a lot of homemakers and homesteaders that often wonder how I do all that I do during the day. In addition to what I post on a daily basis here I have other things going on. I homeschool so much of my morning is taken up with schoolwork. I also have a toddler whose main mission during the day is to see houw fast she can totally destroy a room, which leaves me with constant picking up and putting away. I am also a freelance writer and an artist. There are meals to be prepared, livestock to feed and clean up after, horses to groom, and general things here and there that always need to be done. My days are full. However, I would not possibly be able to get all that I do in a day if I slept later than I do. I awaken at 5 am every morning. From 5 until 7, I read my Bible, read the news, respond to emails, write blog posts and anything else that needs to be written ,and start a load of laundry. My day formally ends at 8pm when the children go to bed and I can sit and relax with my husband for a couple of hours before heading to bed. Homesteaders that don't get out of bed until 8 or 9 are not going to get everything done in a day that they want to, especially if they are just beginning their homestead journey and establishing that homestead. I have never known a farmer, and I have know quite a few in my life, that does not begin their day before daylight or close to it. My grandfather was up before daylight every morning. My Dad milked cows and fed chickens by the light of the lantern because the family farm did not yet have electricity. He did all of that before school. Homesteading is a career that begins early in the morning. So those that are sleeping until 8 or 9 and not getting really started on their day until even later than that are missing out on valuable time and cutting themselves short. So if you are wondering why you can't get what you want to get done in a day then maybe you need to reasses your time schedule.


ServinGsus said...

I enjoy reading your blog each morning =) This is something I was just thinking about; I need to learn to go to sleep at night so I can start my day earlier. Thanks for the encouraging reminder about how much can really get done in one day!

Kat said...

Thank you and I am glad to have you here. It does take some time to get used to rising early and going to bed early. I think the less we use electrical lighting, which fools our circadian rhythms, that it becomes easier. I find that by starting my day earlier that I don't feel as stressed about not having enough time to do what I need to do in a day. God bless.

Kelly Cook said...

While I agree that getting up earlier helps start the day sooner, I have some points that don't quite tie in.
1. I have adrenal fatigue and according the the research, until I can restore normal function, I should be in bed between 8-10AM. It doesn't happen, but it seems that getting up even earlier will throw off that restorative cycle and delay healing.
2. There are 24 hours in a day, and getting up earlier doesn't necesarrily translate into more hours in a day. :-) Kinda like daylight savings time (AZ doesn't participate in that silliness). Yes, there are things than can only be done (or are easier to do) when the sun is shining, but in the winter that certainly isn't before 7AM.
3. Some people just weren't created to be early risers. I have tried to adjust my cycle and have yet to succeed. About 10 years ago I tried getting up at 530 every day and then NOT napping so I would be tired earlier in the evening, getting me to bed sooner. It didn't work. I would fight the drowsiness from about 2-4PM and then get a second wind around 730 at night that kept me going til 10 or 11. I also spent two years rising at 630 to be at work at 730 and never got used to it. I'm still willing to try, but with an awareness that maybe that's not what God wants me to do! This past summer I got up with the chickens and napped in the afternoon. Right now the chickens don't get up until about 8!
I do appreciate that you share your experience for the rest of us to learn from!